5 Effective Ways to Recruit Top Talent with Advertising

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Feb 16, 2022 8:00:00 AM


Businesses are scrambling to hire new talent following a disruptive pandemic and labor shortages. With the help of recruitment marketing, companies will have the chance to attract valuable employees. Companies of all types can benefit hugely from effective recruitment marketing, with a strong employer brand potentially reducing turnover by 28% and the cost per hire by up to 50%.

Ultimately, a solid recruitment marketing strategy can be the key to differentiating your brand from competitors and hiring the best candidates.

Learn How to Successfully Measure Your ROI

What Is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment marketing uses certain consumer marketing tactics to fill various employee roles. These top-of-funnel marketing tactics grab prospective employees' attention before the hiring process begins. 

Using different recruitment marketing strategies, you can build a successful brand as an employer that appeals to prospects. These strategies can highlight your unique culture and hiring standards to connect with individuals who qualify for any open position. You can also complete recruitment marketing efforts with the help of current employees on your team.

Employees in the talent acquisition and HR, branding, and content creation departments could collaborate to build your brand's reputation and set you apart from competitors. However, you need to know what strategies to implement as you seek to hire new talent.

5 Ways to Recruit New Employees With Marketing

If you want to learn how to hire the right person, there are some things to consider when hiring a new employee with the help of recruitment marketing. Using the following methods, you'll be able to develop winning campaigns for recruitment marketing in 2022 and beyond.

1. Create a Webpage Dedicated to Careers

The very first item to think about when putting together a recruitment marketing strategy is your website. When prospective hires visit your website, you need to leave an excellent first impression that inspires them to contact you. 

To start with, develop a careers page for your website. This page should detail each available position, along with information about your company mission and culture, your customers or clients, and other relevant information. Be sure to include details about benefits packages and what your existing employees enjoy about the company.

2. Manage Employee Reviews

Beyond your website, you need to show what employees enjoy about working for you through offsite reviews. Many potential hires are likely to look on websites like Glassdoor to find out what past employees have had to say about your company. Because of this, you need to take steps to manage your employee reviews in much the same way you would with customer reviews. 

Remember that 75% of people looking for a job are more likely to apply if the employer is proactive about managing their brand and reputation. Keep an eye out for reviews on all platforms, from Glassdoor to Google My Business, and respond appropriately. For instance, if an employee leaves a negative review detailing certain issues with their experience, you can respond and explain that you're taking steps to fix these issues. Showing that you value employee feedback will go a long way in winning over prospects who might otherwise have some doubts.

3. Implement Social Media Marketing

Another crucial platform for recruitment marketing is social media marketing. While it's ideal for connecting to consumers, it's equally helpful in attracting new employees. You can use a combination of organic posting and social media ads to reach prospective hires. 

For example, if an employee on your team is about to move on to a new company, you can request the employee's feedback and showcase it as a testimonial. You could post this on platforms like your Facebook or LinkedIn page as a thoughtful farewell while potentially persuading job seekers.

4. Post on Job Boards

You can further maximize your visibility online by posting on job boards and promoting those listings. While you might want to stick to free listings, it pays to advertise them on these websites if you're going to appear in front of the right people at the right time.

5. Use Email Marketing Campaigns

After a prospect has reached out to your company, you can use email marketing to continue engaging them. You could send various emails to potential employees, including details about how your teams have adapted to new changes, individual employee highlights, or customer success stories. In the process, you can ensure your brand remains at the forefront of prospects' attention over other prospective employers.

Use Recruitment Marketing to Your Advantage

Implementing the right recruitment marketing strategies can drive more engagement and appeal to new potential hires. If you don't have the time or resources to give your campaigns the necessary attention, consider working with a media partner to optimize your strategies. Media partners can design campaigns that help find and hire recruits based on your unique brand and criteria. 

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