Revamp Your Advertising Strategy with Western Mass News Marketing

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Mar 31, 2022 11:15:00 AM

Revamp Your Advertising Strategy with Western Mass News Marketing

If you don't see results with your current marketing, it needs a revamp! Marketing has many angles, but Western Mass News Marketing is a full-service digital agency that offers everything a business needs to see more conversions. This includes everything from broadcast TV advertising to creating brand awareness through marketing campaigns to SEO for digital visibility, effective landing pages, and a targeted email campaign strategy.

Marketing services are needed for consumers throughout these stages in the buyers' journey: awareness, consideration, and decision. Before a sale, a person will need to interact several times (with several touchpoints). In fact, studies reveal that you need at least 5 to 7 impressions with a consumer before they recall and recognize your brand — let alone make a purchase.  

With this in mind, your marketing strategy needs to cover all bases. Here's how you can give your brand the revamp it needs in today's competitive market.  

Learn how to spend your digital dollars wisely!

Capture the Attention of Your Target Audience  

Your audience needs to be correctly targeted for you to reach and resonate with them in a way that increases their loyalty to your brand, encourages repeat purchases and builds a meaningful connection.   

Broadcast TV advertising, for instance, can be a great place to start when building brand awareness and capturing your target audience's attention. This is because it has a 90% reach — and that's before the pandemic freed up more time for consumers to kick back by the TV.  

So, why is TV so powerful for brand awareness?  

TV commercials can be used for consumers at any stage of the funnel. For awareness, you'll want to introduce your brand in a way that makes you stand out. For inspiration, one survey found that 53% of respondents enjoyed funny ads, and 44% preferred 'relatable' ads. For consideration, you'll want to highlight your solutions and how they're better. Finally, create a spotlight on perks and discounts for those who keep coming back in the decision stage (you've converted them, but your job doesn't stop here!)  

Combine that with a solid website creation strategy, and you'll boost sales in no time. After all, an online presence is essential if you want to convey more professionalism, trust, and credibility among today's digital consumers.  

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Stay Top of Mind Throughout Consumer Consideration  

Staying top of mind throughout the consideration stage can be a challenge. You're fighting tooth and nail with the competition to be considered the solution to your target audience's problem. 

However, you'll find the best marketing channels for this stage are often these two: 

  1. Targeted email campaigns 
  2. Social media advertising 

This is first and foremost because targeted emails keep you relevant and connected with your audience. Not only are there billions of active users to reach — four billion, to be exact — but consumers 'opt-in' to receive messages and updates from you. They want to hear about promotions, updates, announcements, and other news from your brand. Take advantage and connect!  

Connections are also an excellent reason to utilize social media while consumers consider their options. When you are active on the right platforms, you open the door for more meaningful interactions and relationships. Of course, you must keep up with posting, commenting, responding, and liking to optimize your potential.  

Land More Conversions  

Finally, cement your conversion in the decision stage with ad creative that connects and engages with potential customers. Use your insight into your audience and relate your solutions to their specific problems.   

As you use all of these marketing tactics to bring customers down the funnel, use the following to get them to decide on your brand and purchase:  

  • Paid search ads — paid search, like pay-per-click (PPC) ads, get your brand and message not only on the first page of Google and other search engines but in one of the first three results. Traffic generated from paid search advertising often yields 50% more conversions than organic search advertising.

More Sales are Possible with Western Mass News Marketing  

Reach out to Western Mass News Marketing to get started with a full-service media partner that can set you up for success with a cohesive strategy to lead prospects down the funnel and into sales. 

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