Why TV?

Tim Willis

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Jan 5, 2022 11:10:00 AM

Why TV?

If your marketing team is looking to target and reach a wider audience, establish legitimacy, and build trust with consumers, TV is one of your best bets. TV is just as important as ever because of its many benefits and the millions of captive viewers.  

According to the Bureau of Labor, 80% of Americans watch television on any given day. Here are some TV advertising advantages that you don't want to miss during your next campaign. 

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The Benefits of TV Advertising 

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 11.15.52 AMMillions of Americans own a TV and consume hours of programming daily, which is why television advertising is so successful. According to the latest Nielsen report, adults in the U.S. spend an average of over four hours watching TV. Consumers use TV for entertainment, to learn new information, or even as background noise during other tasks.  

Even during commercial breaks, viewers are likely still passively listening to advertisements if not thoroughly captivated. More so, commercials that stand out will make viewers more likely to remember your product in the future. The best part may be that television advertising can yield an ROI of at least 300%-500%, depending on the size of the campaign! 

TV Advertising Boasts a Broad Reach 

Even if you only purchase one ad spot, TV's reach is still huge compared to other platforms. According to Small Business Chron, 60% of viewers will buy a product that they've seen on television. By comparison, only 40% of shoppers will buy a product based on a social media ad. 

Even if it's the same product, TV can showcase it more effectively than a digital ad. Online ads can often be missed by consumers completely, mainly if they use ad-blocking software. It's also easier to grab the viewer's attention with spoken CTAs and product demonstrations than static images. 

TV is Still Popular Across the Masses 

TV is one of the world's favorite sources of video, reaching all ages and demographics. Nielsen says that seniors tend to watch the most television, over seven hours per day. However, TV is still popular with younger generations too. 

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 11.15.47 AMAccording to Marketing Charts, 62% of viewers aged 18-34 still watched nearly two hours of television each day. Often, these viewers tune in to live television to catch specific programs. You're guaranteed to find more leads if you can determine what your audience watches through analytics and surveys. 

TV's Resilience Remains Unmatched 

Last year proved that television is still here to stay, even with so many streaming platforms to choose from.  

Across all platforms, television also attracts some of the most loyal viewers. Think of all the people that watch the news each day or watch a specific show each week. These are guaranteed times that you can reach a captive audience. 

TV Commercials Breed Trustworthiness and Influence 


Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 11.16.00 AMConsumers place a lot of trust in television news and advertisements. According to Statista, 46% of consumers trust television commercials, higher engagement than any other platform. By comparison, only 30% of consumers trust the videos and advertisements they see online. 

Television ads can also make consumers feel a wide range of emotions, making them more memorable. For example, many of us can sing the J.G. Wentworth jingle from memory or fondly remember the Geico gecko. Some people only watch the Super Bowl for its iconic commercials. 

Don't be afraid to use content that tugs on the heartstrings in your commercials. Viewers are more likely to take action when they feel compelled by their emotions. We frequently see examples of this in cause marketing.  

Best Practices for a TV Commercial 

An excellent commercial needs to engage your audience quickly, ideally within the first two seconds. While it's important to tell a compelling story, too many extraneous details will overwhelm the viewer. A short, easily digestible commercial with creative copy has the best chance of success.  

If you need inspiration, HubSpot encourages you to take notes from some popular brands. You might be able to create charming characters like the Mac or PC guy. People are still quoting the "Whassup" Budweiser ad more than two decades after it debuted.  

Most importantly, don't forget to include a compelling message. Your commercial should directly speak to your audience and let them know how your brand can solve their problems. 

The Importance of TV Advertising With a Media Partner 

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 11.16.05 AMTV advertising statistics prove that viewers still value and trust television as an advertising medium. However, making a great TV commercial can be hard when you're unfamiliar with the medium. An expert media partner can walk you through each step of the production process. 

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