Western Mass News is a trusted source for news, lifestyle, and entertainment programming. Our stations, CBS3, ABC40, and FOX6 provide large-scale reach and higher recall for your message with commercials, product placement, integrations, and sponsorship opportunities.


Our Local Stations

Western Mass News, which includes CBS3, ABC40, and FOX6, is known around Massachusetts for our efforts to get results for our viewers. We pride ourselves on telling stories that our community will be interested in and adding to culture in Massachusetts. 

With leading syndicated and network television programs, local, regional, and national sports, local news, cause marketing initiatives, and more, we are proud to produce and deliver some of the top broadcasts in the community.

Ratings 101- Everything You Need to Know About Them

TV Advertising

TV advertising can include a number of different approaches. We can help your business create a cohesive campaign through commercials, product placement, long-form integrations, and other custom sponsorship opportunities to reach your business objectives. Our full-service production department can handle your broadcast television needs from script and concept, all the way through to the finished product.

-> Do you have more questions about TV advertising? Download our complimentary eBook to hear the top 10 questions we get asked about TV advertising and our honest answers to each.

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